Hepatology - Diseases of the liver

Diseases of the liver

If you have an increase in blood liver enzymes with or without symptoms, we can check your health status against the known liver diseases and when necessary, begin the appropriate therapy in our practice. For this, a detailed discussion, ultrasound of the liver and a blood sample are usually required during the first consultation. Thereafter, other methods (such as MRI, Fibroscan examination, endosonography, and ERCP) or the removal of a small amount of liver tissue (liver biopsy) are necessary when an initial clear diagnosis cannot be established. We can perform all these examinations in our practice with or without sedation in a pain-free manner.

The most common liver diseases


Infection with Hepatitis A, B, C and others

While hepatitis A and E usually do not require any treatment, hepatitis C can now be treated almost always with success. Hepatitis B can be suppressed using medication as required, but only rarely can this disease be cured.



Metabolic diseases of the liver

A very common disease is fatty liver disease (NAFLD/NASH). The most important treatment method is to optimise the risk factors (i.e. weight loss, optimising the treatment of potential associated diseases such as diabetes mellitus among others). We are happy to advise and recommend a therapy for your needs.


Other liver diseases

For other liver diseases such as the iron and copper accumulation diseases (i.e. hemochromatosis and Wilson's disease, respectively), alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency as well as other rarer diseases, we can check for their presence with a routine blood test in our practice.