We are a team of qualified specialists who offer the whole spectrum of gastroenterology - and even more. We incorporate modern medical infrastructure in historical office rooms. In addition, we currently use the latest generation of Fuji endoscopy equipment.

We are a gastroenterological practice that deals with all conditions of the entire digestive tract. This includes the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colorectal area, rectum and internal organs such as the liver, pancreas, etc. In our practice, we offer the entire diagnostic spectrum of gastroenterology. For certain endoscopic examinations (i.e. ERCP, endosonography), we work in close collaboration with, e.g. Triemli Hospital, to perform these treatments during a hospital inpatient stay.

Furthermore, we work in close cooperation with, e.g. PD Dr. Daniel Dindo, a specialist consultant in proctology. The main focus of PD Dr. Daniel Dindo is the surgical treatment of problems and diseases of the rectum such as hemorrhoids, anal and sacrococcygeal fistulae, incontinence and viral-induced changes of the anus (i.e. genital warts, anal cancer precursors, and anal tumors).

In the area of chronic inflammatory diseases (IBD), we work in close cooperation with Prof. Stephan Vavricka, who is a proven IBD specialist and chairman of the Swiss IBD Cohort Study.

In the area of obesity and weight-related health problems, the Competence Center for Obesity and Metabolism in Zurich (Kompetenzzentrum Adipositas und Stoffwechsel Zürich [KASZ]) as well as Dr. Thomas Köstler from the Limmattal Hospital offer their expertise to our patients through our direct partnership with these experts.

We work in conjunction with a large network of specialists from all disciplines. Recently, our clinic applied for tumor center certification, and we are also in the process of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) accreditation of our practice and its working standards.

The individual investigations carried out in our clinic include:

  • gastroscopy including associated interventions (e.g. bougienage to dilate, e.g. a constricted esophagus with a bougie [a thin cylinder of biocompatible material])
  • ileo-colonoscopy including associated interventions (e.g. polyp removal)
  • proctoscopy
  • upper and lower endosonography (organized at an external clinic)
  • sonography
  • liver biopsy
  • infusion therapy (iron, TNF alpha inhibitors, etc.)
  • capsule endoscopy (can be organized at an external clinic)
  • ERCP (can be organized at an external clinic)